Saturday, January 29, 2011


Its pretty amazing how I've been bitten by the bug to write again.It feels good.
I've been out of the groove for so long while others have picked up and carried on after the crash of Journalspace-I envied that-wanted that so badly for myself, and now here I am, albeit a small audience this time round, but one's that I am glad to have found me on this journey of recapturing my old blog name back. I am once again and always will be Silentwhisper from the block.Coughs and chuckles....
Glad to be here.

Miss L (my daughter) can't find the mouse for the living room computer.
She's short from crazed while I hog this one mouse that rightfully is my own.
I suppose I'll cave in soon though, and unplug my mouth -mouth? I mean mouse- and hand it over.However, her head isn't spinning yet and, well, I think she's forgotten all about the old fashioned way of communicating to her friends - the t-e-l-e-p-h-o-n-e.Humph.

I'm uncertain what to do on this day off of work.I'm usually working.
Relaxing today comes to mind, which I'm doing, though, hm, my inner voice keeps pestering me to not waste the day and get on with it.I only wish it wasn't raining.Not that the rain ever kept me from things, but, its that kind of rain here that one becomes wet in seconds and damp.I hate feeling damp.

The thought of heading over to the Home Show is an option.However, that might ensue in me another home project, of which I'm not so certain I want to embark on right now.Things seen cozy enough here already, minus the demo of my palace-my bedroom.Quiet reading isn't the same in there, not yet that is.

I have a great yearning to visit Vancouver again ( my home city )originally that is, and visit all the places I used to go through my childhood and through my twenties.
I miss Granville Island and almost forgot all about the place until Bif mentioned it.I spent a great deal of time there shopping and site seeing way back when.In fact? when mom&dad still lived out there and I lived in Surrey I would take my first born with mom and I to Granville Island quite a bit.

Yale Town is another place I frequented.I worked in Yale Town at J.Collins Furniture Gallery some many years ago before Yale Town became the trendy place it is now-so I hear.
I remember bouncing between both J.Collin's stores;the Burnaby one and the new Yale Town one.There was this dark-whole-in-the-wall- greasy spoon up the street where you could get good Chinese food really cheap.I'd go there least of all once a week.
Soon after that a neat coffee house arrived where you could get whipping cream on your coffee.Sometimes I would get hot chocolate with fresh raspberries and whipping cream.Yum.
I suppose in the long run I'm pretty honoured I got to experience Yale Town at its beginning.I wonder what it looks like now.

About Vancouver back in the late eighties there was one night club you wanted to be at - the Metro.The night club was huge! I mean huge! All kinds of local talent dawned the stage there, such as Headpins, Prism, and many more.
I met my husband there. It was the year of the Vancouver Expo of which? I worked at from day one to day close - I was nineteen. Yes.The math of that sucks.Although? this small vessel that moves my soul about is only that, a small vessel, my mind is more times than not, ahem, youthful.

That said? Miss L. is getting anxious to use my computer.I guess her and her father will stop taking the mouse from the living room computer to use on the laptop, which isn't here, soon enough.Tsk.Tsk.
I should start my day. Late I am. Lazy I am.

Happy day to you:)


  1. it's always fun reading you.....

  2. Thanks,Westy, and a pleasure reading you:)

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  4. I have always loved reading about your life Dee...


  5. Thank you,Bobby, your very dear.In fact your 'dear to us all.'

    Thanks for your visit:)