Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thanks Westy...

For finding me.

It was time to go back to the old name.Lonely it was in that other blog.

I like this blog actually. I've done a fine job thus far, if I may go as far as saying.
It not only feels new, but a little lived in already.Naturally of course,I've been here working on it for a spell now,so, hm, lived in it is, a bit.

I love this new editor, its so easy.I've been quite engrossed in watching the changes, whether its back and forth changes or,full steam ahead saving, I love it.

That said? Hm...still its a work in progress.Although? a happy change and progress into the new year.

Peace and out for now.


  1. yep, I found you! when I had problems with your blog, I went to your profile and found this one and checked it out... easy-peasy.

    Looking nice and cosy here... ;-)

  2. Awe...! Thanks, Westy.

    I wondered how my old friends were going to find me.I look and look around here to find some way of adding them to this blog,but,it may look as if its connected already through my other blog? Not sure.

  3. Cosy it is and I think I had this blog, maybe a different one bookmarked. Glad to see you writing here again.

  4. Hey, hi there Summer,good to see you!

  5. add the widget "blogroll" (or something like that), then, when you follow someone, it's easy to add them to that by editing it.

  6. Well there you are my friend. Love the lay out.