Monday, February 28, 2011

Comfort With My Old Friend~Poetry~

I'm in one of those moods...(just a mood actually. Nothing defined).

Every once in awhile the mood will strike me where I find comfort in allowing my thoughts to float, guide, drift, and sometimes dance, unto a place far and away.
So-- I shall begin with the first word that comes to mind,'comfort.'
Truly this is the telling feeling this eve.

Inward-outward breathing
Comfort comes in a thought
In love
And in peace
But comfort comes in a small gift
Or gifts at least
A gift of a morning full of glow
The sun peek-eth over the mountain snow
From one season to the next-a breath
A death?
A blossom to grow
Comfort comes in a groove I find
May it be short and fleeting
For the time
A happy mind
Inward-outward breathing



  1. Good stuff. Can you put it to music?


  2. I wish, Bobby. However,more to it and the piece I could see could fly in a melody-perhaps.Perhaps.
    Have a good week Bobby:)

    Hey, Eve, thanks!

    Cap? thank you also-and for the hugs:)
    Hugs ya back))))