Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's a.....

dash-in-and-dash-out. My apologies to all three of you (giggles...)

As some of you know it's ball season for my Miss Lily again, only? Rep Ball is much more demanding this year than last, which means long drives up and down the freeway to other cities to play games and tournaments (whew).And as I expel "whew!" again.. I come to realize this week between work, ball practices, and this weekends ball tournament? "whew!" almost doesn't measure up to it.However? on the bright side of things I'm all fine once I've gotten to my destination (some obscure park in Surrey or Langley)-(coughs.)

I love watching LiL and her team play ball, just as much as I enjoy getting to know the parent's on this new ball team.A nice collections of people.
We are presently playing a tournament in Surrey this weekend, an hour from our home.I like Surrey because it's always sunny, well most of time and far more than out here in the valley, least lately....We're expecting clear sky's and warm temperatures tomorrow, which, ahem, thrills us to no end,this means we'll not be in our usual state rolled up in a blanket like a sausage. Yippy!

Anyways, I have little time here and have already walked on the wild side by consuming two cups of coffee before bed.Its a ling-ling? (longgggggg) day tomorrow and I "must!" get some rest, though, little am I tired but perhaps OVER tired.
That said? I am still trying to get through reading Luanne Rice's book "The Perfect Summer." It's gripping, I only with (wish) I had more time to flop myself down and read.I think I have 25 more books of her's to catch up on, least so as I catch up with the other ladies, chortles, they're all--onto her new book, ahuh, "Silver Boat." Damn them.

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  1. Have fun driving around for ball games Dee! Actually it is pretty awesome that she's on that team eh? And they're doing pretty good aren't they? That's's so ugly out again today, after that one nice day we had! Hope you catch a few more minutes to read..someday soon I'll see you at work!! :)