Friday, July 22, 2011

My Writing Friends~

For those who are avid writers of blogs and don't already know Magg's as we do, please pay her blog a visit, she is a wonderful writer and an old Journalspace writer of yester-year (which apparently to me holds some clout). Chuckles.

That said? in recent days I've come to think its time to celebrate blog writers with a little mention here and there with every new post. Especially the blog's of which I feel paved the way so many years ago unknowingly and into a craze.

I was on a trip from Canada to California with my family one summer when, sitting in a road side-greasy-spoon-cafe' for breakfast I read an article on the craze of Blog's in the L.A Times.
I ka-fuffled it of course, then crossed my leg over under the sticky booth with which we sat and laughed. The article was written in such a way of new revelation that it was hard not to. Did these people not know that a writing site named Journalspace had beat them to the online writing merely years before? "Humph!" I thought after reading the article, the only thing that was new about it was that someone called it 'blogging' instead of what we called it, 'journaling.'

I suppose however, like anything else, an idea grows and catches on, such as this craze over the years of blogging. And I suppose what I'm feeling tonight is that 'we' as humble journaler's have always been here, though now the numbers of which read us have changed dramatically. Do I miss it? hm..I'd lie if I said no. I think of it this way, if not for a readership why and what would inspire us to write?
Sometimes for me its hard to get to the point. I suppose if I were to explain it I would explain in the only way I know how- Like a fish swimming among a small spool of familiar others with little notice, except? we in the small spool have so much to say and so much passion for swimming, aka, writing.
And do I feel sorry for ourselves? hm...maybe a little at times, but I know with time also comes change, so much change.

Okay. Now with that off my mind...lets talk about the Lower-mainland's weather.
"Humph." What's there to talk of? any local would ask you that. From the valley here clear down to the city of Vancouver we have had no summer to speak of- and if so? for only moments and glimmers while you were in the restroom.
While we talk of the lack of summer this year we also sit back and watch the poor people in the Mid-west of the States burning up, and now eastern Canada.
It's becoming ever-so-clear these days of our choices with summer, the desire here for it falters the minute we turn on the news and see the stifling-sizzling-heat everywhere else. More and more people are with me on- if we had a choice, because I'm not shitting you when I say some of us rather choose this humdrum of a summer here with mild and cooler temps over what everyone else is experiencing in dramatic heat and record breaking temperatures.

My hope for you all is for the breeze of cool air that we have here-funnel its way over to you and cool you down~
Stay hydrated and keep cool the best way you can.
And if you like? show me pictures of summer-I'd love that.

The best to you from me~


  1. my motivation to write comes from my readers and their comments. If I don't get "feedback", then I'm not motivated. That's the difference between just writing a journal/diary and blogging... the feedback!

    We've been having days of pouring rain and cold... in the middle of July! Some places even have flooding and in the Alps it snowed... brrrrr

  2. Sounds like your weather is about crazy as ours this year, Dorrie. We have high hopes for August, and a bit of summer before school starts once again. And? schedules...coming and going for another year (sighs).

    Hope summer comes to you soon.Thanks for your visit, Dor (hugs).

  3. I look in the paper everyday too see how the weather is up your way. Please do send some of that cool weather down here too old Missouri. We could use a bit of cooling off.


  4. Its still so hot and humid here in Kentucky. Every day in the high 90's and lots of humidity. Spending lots of time indoors these days. Send us some of that cooler air down this way eh "HUGS"

  5. Ros...Our weather is in your paper? "wow."
    And if I could I would most certainly send the cool breeze your way~
    Stay coooooool dear friend.

    Hi Cap....good see you also, old friend.
    I feel for you all out there with the heat, I don't do the heat well at all, being fair skinned.And I'd certainly want to hide indoors myself, too.