Monday, March 26, 2012

A Game To The Death?

A beach, a fair, and an arena were the locations where I found myself innocently shuffling along from one odd occurrence to another seemingly alive and quite real.

I can't remember the beach scenario so clear, but, I do remember the path from which stretched for miles along a small bluff and all the people laying below, and frolicking about.
The sky was blue with not a cloud hanging in the distance and, the temperature was lovely with the ocean breeze softly moving over my face. I felt in my inner being that I was in L.A. -twice visited, long ago.
There was no reasoning as to why I was there, though like a picture book, pages were flipped quickly and I was no longer there but in a campground.

Evening was upon me and I stood as I watched the sun come down and bring a soft streak of pink through the dimming blue.
In this small camp site was a trailer, mine presumably, old and lit up, much like my own here at home in the driveway.
I remember being calm and serene standing there next to the trailer and looking out over the rip-less ocean, which is in fact something I had once done many years ago in a beautiful campground in the State of Washington. However, just like 'that odd picture book' pages flipped and I was no longer at that friendly campground.
Strangely enough I sensed fear soon after the pages flipped. I saw myself huddled in the old trailer fearing I'd be caught, though never a time came where I knew from whom.
Next I'd be somewhere else.

A fair. I was at a large fair where at first I recognized some of my surroundings to be the Vancouver PNE, then the images changed about and brought me to area's of a fair I no longer recognized, and a feeling of being alone in a strange land.
Had I lost my family? I couldn't tell, even now I can't recall, I just know I felt a huge sense of being lost and alone, and very far from home at night.

The pages rapidly flipped and I was sucked up like a vortex.

I found myself in a large, dimly lit area.
It was night once again, though night it seemed inside it could have been daylight outside with all I knew.
Vast this arena was and full of people sitting in miles of rows of seating- stretching from the floor to the ceiling, looking on to what I couldn't see, though, it felt like a strange gladiator event was about to occur.
How I sensed that? or even knew the image is beyond me, I just knew.
I was on a small shuttle in the front riding in a train of box cars with a link of women whom looked oddly fearful of the man behind me. We traveled along the top level of the dimly lit arena going half around.
I sensed the fear of these women and remembered my own when prior of the pages being flipped, and, soon could feel my defiance bubbling as I could feel, or sense? the arrogance of this man behind me seep through the arm I now felt draped slightly over my shoulder.He knew too, maybe by senses also that? of the women in the box cars behind me I was the one he needed to control-
but why? This ran through my head as I could feel a cool breeze across my face as we traveled slowly to what felt like into danger.

I thought quickly as we moved along through the dim of the light of what, and where we were going and where I would jump off. I had thought of the women behind me, looking behind a few times at their grim faces of defeat.
Worker bees and only that, so it seemed, dressed in dirty cotton, button-down shirts; some in ripped skirts the length of they're knees and others in shorts, sweating, grimy, and exhausted looking, with hollow eyes.
My assumption was quick and loose ended, I hadn't known who they were though sense as I had sensed all night that they were doomed and I was to save myself.

The train of box cars from which we road now neared a massive metal door ahead and latch. It was literally the largest piece of metal I've ever seen.
Feeling the man still behind me and his heavy pompous attitude with his arm still weighing his presence,I could feel his movement once again, sleek, arrogant, and purposeful, grazing my breast.
Rage entered my body and all of which once was meek in myself in other worlds was now a box of explosives ready to go off; I sat stiffly waiting for the perfect moment, smelling his hot stench of his breath on my neck.
"Goddamn it- now or never!" I scream out in my mind, while hurtling myself out of the box car, meters from the massive metal door, sprinting like some born athlete in a pair of gnarly looking cross trainers light on the pavement.

It was then, and only quickly in my defiant mind and with my sprint for my possible freedom that I remembered the thousands of people in the arena, now cheering.
Running with stealth and power closer to the metal door I realize the deafening cheers becoming louder the closer I came to the door and freedom. I glance slightly to my left and down, seeing faces tilted up towards the top level of the arena from where I was running, shouting louder and louder. I raise my hand and make a peace sign with my fingers in a gesture of mostly defiance of control, my control, still running until I approach the massive metal door and leap like a super-sonic-maniac to the latch, with pouring cheers echoing through the arena. I stride up, mid air, slapping against the cold of the door, I flip the latch and see the pin drop a notch down, I fall to the ground landing on my feet and pull the heaviness of the door open enough to squeeze through, though, stopping myself to look back at the arena of people, knowing that the train of box cars were near, and once again holding my hand up, I formed my fingers in a defiant and triumphant peace sign, hearing bellows of cheers from thousands inside and stepped out into the cold of the night air and freedom-

awaking out of the second horrifying dream in one week.


On a better note, I found and finished a wonderful book from which has nothing to do with my dreams just of late, but of the precious time I had in fleets here and there where I found a new author named, Barbara Erskine, and a book called, House Of Echoes. Wanting to go to bed eagerly to read was a nightly thing of pure-pleasure. I highly recommend this book, especially if you love history and the switching forward modern day.


  1. What a dream! Sounds liked it played out like watching a movie.Funny what our subconscious mind does while we are asleep eh? Hope tonites dream will be much more comforting fro ya. Great to see ya back Ive missed you!"HUGS"

  2. Just LIKE a MOVIE, indeed!
    My 'sub' isn't aligned at-all-lately,lol.
    Here's for hoping for better dreams~
    Thanks, Cap, I've mished yeah too!