Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hold fall close and the ghost's far~

Bringing indoors the fall flowers is like the drying of dew drops upon the cheeks of yesterday.
It is the morning blue sky and smiling sun that one finds deep inside the woven threads within where one finds encouragement of every tomorrow.And while the fall flower brings about small easy pleasures of magic in every stem and does the extent of the plant and production with every blue sky upon each blessed day with yet more glorious wonder, wonder from which is found in every sweet and fresh scent of ripe and plump fruit begging to be picked.
I am reminded that the world around me goes on as does the nature with it's seasons.And although it's been yet another trying fall within the globe of our small family I pick up where I lost and find the little 'somethings' in marveling occurrences within my garden.
What was yesterday is no more than ghost's that linger among the tiny threads of the spiderwebs stretching from the porch light to the front door, swaying gently in the back ground until one day when they too-
are no more.


  1. Great post Dee! I love the way you put your thoughts down in words.Great pics too! The best to you and yours always!"HUGS"