Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It begins with the "Know."

If you know me-I might tell you a tale or two, or paint you a picture, one so blue.If you know me-I might be contemplating things I would never do, though dream them up and wish them true.If you know me-I might look upon the simple, a weathered cabin near a lake with a view.If you know me-I might have come across something heartfelt and moving and something new.And if you know me-I might have watched a documentary or two, with one that depicted hero's-
just like you.

Kimberly and Scott, Roberts.

The "Know." My favorite channel.

If you know me?

You'd already know......


  1. I have always loved the Dee I know....not perfect (none of us are) but perfect for those who are fortunate to know you.


  2. Smiles~

    No.Not perfect.Glad for that or I might not know you, and others who are true-blue.

    Xo my friend.

  3. I love it! Who wants to be perfect anyway? You'd never learn anything that way! "HUGS" to you my dear Dee