Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Writing With Journalspace Years In The Past.Good Friends

 Here I am staring at the computer screen with my mind in a total whirl, grabbing for words and meanings to explain just how I feel about a time and a place where Blogging all began, and with who.

 It was a long time ago.People have moved on and others caught the fever with all the up and coming new blogging sites over the years. We however? were a bountiful group who thrived under the radar of many in the beginning, before writing online became a crazy notion of freely expressing yourself.
A small group of a thousand when I first joined the writing site of Journalspace, ending just before the big crash of the site years later at just over 32,000 members.

And so---It was a long time ago, I know. Some of you who find my blog may wonder why I occasionally make a deal of our old writing site. I'll tell yeah. It wasn't the site itself but the many people who formed close friendships there that made the site what it was, simply.
 Everyone was a writer. From every class to creed, no matter who you were, someone read your words and made you present and accounted for as a fellow writer with purpose, need and compassion.
No one was better than the other, except maybe Smotlock, who, well, thought he were the lord of the flies. No matter of that of course, the entertainment was free. Many cared deeply on a whole for one another and would follow one's post's richly hand over foot, until our little writing community got bigger and bigger....and then swiftly died, leaving the many of us lost and scrapping to find one another and a new home for our words, our feelings.....and now? finding out of the many great losses and tragedies of other dear writing friends in present day, from which I come to this post with a heavy heart.

Please read the link below. It'll shine a light on the reason I post here today.