Thursday, May 9, 2013

Vacation Continued.Now With Poignant Moments..

 Its probably been said a million times over but, if you're on a roll with writing? go with it, dammit.
With that being said I've come to the conclusion that I'll pick the most poignant moments, or not so poignant of my trip to Mexico- than at length- from one blade of grass to another (goofy grins).

My Poignant Moments~

 Arriving at the Hotel Riu, Santa Fe, and feeling the reality of it rather than the endless surfing online of pictures and comments of the resort itself.

 All mornings at breakfast at the hotel. Everyone of them seemed especially calm and therapeutic, and, special. I'm not certain why, well, other than we had nowhere to be, and no schedule to follow.
 The buffet breakfast was vast in selection and scrumptious in flavor. I was made by my own free will-a new breakfast eater.
The the last mornings of breakfast we sat in a small courtyard just outside of the large buffet dinning room.
The warm morning sunshine sat on my shoulders warming me out from the cooler desert temps.
Varies round tables were adorned with crisp white linen and placed with cutlery and a linen napkins. I sipped my coffee leisurely and watched each morning the small brown birds flying around a two tiered water fountain and on up-to a few large rot iron wall sconce. One morning I watched those same brown birds I've seen in my own back yard fighting with a stunning yellow bird, then a gorgeous red bird, for morsels left on a plate.I've pictures of them.Will post here soon.

 The roaring waves and how they could be calm one day and build a wall the next.
You couldn't see them from the beach lounge chairs because of the somewhat steep incline the beach had outside our hotel. But if you were to take your beach towel down a bit you could be set up like a stage to the show. One particular afternoon while my husband (tried) to play tennis with a colleague, I grasped the golden ring to spend a little time alone on the beach. Poignant that was to me, and simple.I was in a freeing element hard to describe. I brought with me a cold beer from our room, which is rare of me to drink beer, let alone drink alone. I sat there in on the beach, stage and all, sipping that cold beer like it were the juice of the heavens, letting the liquid slide down slowing like a good wine. I soaked in every aspect of the beach with an amazingly... calm heart.

 The water taxis. They'd come and go from the beach out front of our resort, pulling people on and off with the swells covering the beach. This vision was particularly fun to watch, even to participate in, which I had days later with peels of laughter.
There were times that no water taxis would temp a landing on the beach, the swells were too large. Other times were a bit risky, though, appeared manageable, but not without a good laugh from me watching one particular exit.
The swell came in and so did the water taxi, plunking out one male tourist waste deep in water, holding over his head his young wife's bags.The water taxi then went out with the wave, waiting for the next wave to safely come back into, ahem, (throw) off the young lady (lmao). I watched with great interest the next swell and wave that brought the water taxi in, and held my breath. Like a cartoon in slow motion I watched as the young man waded into the water to retrieve his young wife-her arm outstretched to his and his to hers like an old painting I once seen, when, the swell began to back up and slowly take the boat out. Fool would have it the young girl wouldn't let go of her hubbies hand and they stretched their bodies farther than humanly possible, when, unable to hang on to one another any longer, or having the sense to let go-the girl plopped head over ass into the water (plush!) and I couldn't stop laughing. Course my day would come.
 I boarded and disembarked like a lady, or a seal, in peals of laughter. That alone was the best excursion-ever-boarding and leaping on que.

 Poolside at the Geritol pool. The resort has many pools but this one is more centre of the resort and quieter.
Mainly families and older people milled about the pool and around perfectly placed loungers under shade and palm trees.This particular day after lunch my husband and I found our selfs in a row of deserted loungers in the shade, a row away from the large pool. We read a bit and snoozed. The warm afternoon wind rustled gently the palm trees over head, as did the rustle of small birds.We were weary from the first of nights lack of sleep.Before we moved ourselves out of building five and into building three, we endured the late night drunks coming to their rooms all hours of the wee morning, including those crazy Canucks from the Island-stagging it. So, there we were slumbering away on our lounge chairs when suddenly out of nowhere we began to hear the cackling voices of the Golden Girl's, all five of them in swimwear attire plunking themselves right down beside us, five in a row. Hence my naming this particular pool-the Geritol pool. Two of the five ladies full of spunk and vinegar left three of the ladies for a game of pin-pong. I smiled at that, though minded my business behind my sunglasses as if I hadn't heard. The remaining three ladies chattered a spell until all got quiet. I then looked over and all three were fast asleep, one with her mouth slightly slack and open, creating images in my mind of a rambunctious morning they must of had. Again I smiled to myself as my writing mind began to type.

 The last night of vacation at the Riu, Santa Fe.
I hadn't thought I'd survive without my family seven days, but I had. In fact? I surprised myself by feeling a sense of panic that our vacation was nearly over-I felt I had only but started to settle in. There was much more to do, more to see. Two more days would of been wonderful.
With that said the last night we joined "the ladies" at the show. It was a game show with five appointed male volunteers, some American and some Canadian.It was a hilarious scene of different games, from which a Canadian eventually won, but not before they played Bruce Springsteen for the American's and Brian Adams for the Canadian's, having us all cheering the top of our lungs.
 When the nights end neared I felt this sense of pending end to everything that made things so perfect, so exciting and yet light and blissful. Both my husband and the two "ladies..." now dear friends, walked slowly talking back to our buildings.
The evening air was warm that night, unlike the cool evening wind prior nights. Various flower scents caught a breeze and showered over us, as me meandered down one of the wide paths. About this time all was quiet around the resort except a slight noise we all heard behind us. Two momma dogs puttered shyly around the gardens, foraging as it seemed for a meal. Both the "ladies and I" let out a chest full of heart. Both the odd breed of momma dogs looked to have breasts full of milk, leaving us to believe there were pups somewhere outside the grounds of the resort. For a moment we just watched them and speculated their lives and how they were found to be alone, trotting side by side like sisters. Soon however they disappeared, and we had to get the notion in our heads that little could be done on our part.It was then when the I realized again what was outside of the pearly gates of this beautiful resort.....hardship.
And so with that thought I had to tuck it away to say a final good bye to the "ladies." We all embraced like old friends and swore we'd email one another-I have yet to do so. But I will.

  Last day.
Morning breakfast was different-it was sad. I thought I'd be eager to go home but, I...well, lets just say I wasn't willing to give up this fantasy that took me away from the triggers that occasionally caught my emotion. Gallant I was in the end, strutting through the lobby and being in the places I needed to be in for our departure from the Riu.
Again awaiting us was that big-shiny-blue-bus. The long drive to the airport was met with myself quiet and studying every step of landscape along the way. My writing mind was active.
Before I lost sight of the inlet area of our resort location I spotted more than the usual paragliders floating high in the air attached to various boats. It was a scene right out of a tourist magazine, one I'll not soon forget, what with the island and Lovers beach in the foreground and blue sky and aqua water.

 The airport from the front.
It looked nothing like the back end where we walked the tarmac and into an uneventful, vast, cattle corral.
In fact? I was stunned at the glass front of the airport building and the modern elements, course, inside was even more amazing to me, well, considering our arrival.
Once through customs from which (coughs)....I panicked of being trapped again without a cigarette, open doors led us into a wonderland that catered to travelers. The duty free was awesome-bought a pretty bottle of white rum and coconut, which, hm, I keep forgetting I have. Once through the duty free a vast selection of eateries and coffee shops were available, like an open food fair with floor to ceiling windows over looking the air strip. I was elated. No, I was relieved to see the modern conveniences simply because it made me feel a little closer to home, being that I had overcome my good byes to Mexico on the bus on the way here in small increments. With that said, and a reasonably tasteful Starbucks in my hand? I then downed two travel tabs and slept like a bobble-head almost the whole way on the plane to Vancouver.I woke to rain. Go figure.







  1. I...well, lets just say I wasn't willing to give up this fantasy that took me away from the triggers that occasionally caught my emotion.

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