Friday, June 14, 2013

A Dance With Poetry-Rhythm For Reason?

How do you write a poem with no rhythm or reason?
because a poem doesn't need to ryhm
and a poem needs not to say of it's reason
more so over in it's purpose
if you should be so inclined to see
the trees bending in the wind
dancing to and fro
summer gusts of dry plume
small circles in the air
dancing on the chapped
dirt road leading to
and through the orchard with little sound
though stirs of small birds
flapping their wings in the feathery dirt
wakefulness to summer
plump Mac apples
spawning of the bees
and mosqeetoes dancing through
bushes with clusters of raspberries
heart shaped leaves
clarity has me
contradictions are free
sometimes there might be
rhythm for
and purpose to be~

Dee L.


  1. Hi Dee. I love it!! Like the photo too! Reminds me of the times years ago when my dearest mother would make me go blackberry picking. And I always remember that I would start making excuses as to why I didn't want to pick em. You know, like ah mom its way too hot to be out there, or I get all itchy and scraped up by the briars, or I have a headache, or maybe I really need to stay home and work on my school assignment. Hey, I always had a million reasons to not want to pick those berries. And of course my dear mom with all her wisdom would allow me to gripe all I wanted then she would say: "Okay young man if you want any blackberry jam this winter you will hush and get out there and pick those berries. That never failed to prod me to get busy! As always I wish the very best for you and your wonderful family. And again, great work with the poem! Makes me want to pick up pen and paper and do some poetry writing myself. See what a good influence you are on me. I love ya my dear and I sure am so glad I have your beautiful friendship.

  2. Awe...cap....
    The highest compliment to me is that I may of inspired you to pick up pen and paper.And that this poem marked a time in your life to reminisce (smiles). So glad.So-so-happy.
    Thank you for your visit and lovely comment of you're mom and you.Loved it:)
    Much and many to you and family xoxo

  3. Hiya Dee...It is me checking in. All is well. Sorry it has to be anonymously. Life is crazy at the moment.

    1. Who is the anonymous? Is that you Roz????????

  4. Nice poem Denise! Hope things are going good for you these days. I still need to read your books, but I don't have an ereader. Someday I'll get one. Take care and don't work too hard!

  5. You too Eve-girl! Thanks for your visit-xox