Monday, June 17, 2013

To See Cabo Through My Eyes~

There's many special places at the resort that we stayed at in April that lay gently with purpose and reason with me. This particular place I began to adore on the second morning.Its a lovely patio just outside one of the resorts buffets.
To an ordinary person this would seem nothing more than a patio, though to me it was my own secret garden of happy thoughts,one of many I would hold secret to myself with a quiet smile.
You see...its difficult to explain how a place truly means when you feel so strong-a-feeling. In fact? I find it tremendously difficult to explain it in words, though, hm, I'll try-
The morning sun lay against me like a warm blanket.
I feel content comfort as if the world could not do me wrong.
I live in the present for the first time in eons, and feel extremely grateful for this new arriving mood.
I find the simplest things like the local birds entertaining, especially the ones with vibrant color enjoying the remnants of someones meal.
 I sit across the table from my husband in a easy going way-back against chair in no hurry.
With no concrete plans for the day I am left feeling open to almost anything like a school girl-no interjecting mind with some obscure ball park to be for another one of Lil's ball games, or thought of work.
I am for the most part fancy footed and free, and truly? genuinely, feeling it.
We could do anything we wanted, even eat bad things to clog our arteries, from which bacon became my crack.

Still, the words do little justice to these easy going, sun filled, mornings.Everything I looked at as simple as the rot iron wall fixtures were a detail I didn't miss, nor the fountain on the patio that the birds drank from.
To find mornings such as the ones I had on this trip was special in so many ways. I'll not forget the view over my white coffee cup looking into a plume of palm trees lining the walkways accompanying vibrant colors of flowers in my life time. I knew to make mental note as it being a grand gift to see what I could see where others have not ever left home.Dearly lucky I was. Quietly I'd smile and wish? I'd wish I could share this view with everyone I knew.

Love to all~

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