Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Not Just yet.Not so Soon...

I feel fall coming in the early morning
I smell it
see it 
with the difference of appearance of the rise over the mountains
and the way the sun holds it's tongue in cheek
knowing that
I don't want to let it go
not just yet
not so soon
of summer
when there's long days of frolic and adventure
with discoveries of
dragonflies and butterflies
and four leaf clovers...
spread above the biggest and widest open blue sky
seemingly going on forever and
shaking hands with neighbours clear across land and oceans
to the other side of the world where
hummingbirds travel
where people move on roads made of pavement
dirt and gravel to places of amazement with
trees of hundreds of years old
in such places as Vancouver Island and
the redwood forest in
camping under the old growth canopy
with stars poking through like diomonds
and banana slugs creeping along the picnic table
and dinosaur size ferns that set feathery strands of
imagination into motion with
a kaleidoscope of dancing images just like
the next scene through a rain forest along a board walk of
miles and miles of green on either side
and a canopy of ancient whispers
through trees with dancing moss and
the ocean breeze coming up forward to
the opening of the mouth with silky sand along
the longest beach with windswept trees stretching still as a rock
over looking an old native community that has long since fallen asleep
with eagles and seagulls and waves that roar
there is this and that
and so much more
how I'm not ready to let you go
not just yet
not so soon.

 Images found on Bing.

Story of an eight hundred year old tree.


  1. Hey Denise! Great poem. I love the pictures too. I'm looking forward to fall, never been a summer person and this last little while has been sooooo hot! Even so, I really love your poem! Keep up the excellent work...I still need to read your books, and I'm still working on mine. It's taking forever! So many rewrites, ugghh!
    Hope everything's good with you these days.

  2. A truly great work of poetry Dee! And the pics are great also! As always the best to you and that beautiful family of yours. "HUGS"

  3. Thank you, Cap.You know I'd not think it "great" though, I know you to be my everlasting cheerleader...from which I'm always grateful. Hope you still inspire with your own writing my friend.And that all your way is wonderful. Grand kinds getting big...:) I imagine your too.
    Best to you all~hugs~

    Eve...the one and only connection 'online' to home...good to hear from you! I'll always smile knowing you wandered with your writing talent into this world online.Keep up with the book writing girl...and don't stress yourself, "just write." We'll not have editors'll, like myself, will do our best.Just do it.I find once you re-edit your original story (sometimes) losing the chuckle or cry~
    Hugs you my friend.And hope you greet fall with open arms.I on the otherhand am,coughs...dwelling it.Course, I do love the scents and colors of fall and often write of them every year.
    Call me sometime:)