Sunday, August 18, 2013

Welcome Back Dear Friend~

You would wonder how anyone would survive such a plane crash, did, our dear writing friend, Dorrie, aka, Westy.

The last post in her blog I believe was in March, or so.... where Dorrie's family members were dear in keeping us posted with Dorrie's slow and yet seemingly long recovery from a coma to opening her eyes and following her family members.
From what I read Dorrie was in very bad shape. I feared for her terribly-shocked still that this had happened to her. Dumbfounded as the rest. Heart broken with many. And prayed for her wildly in whispered tones from afar. Hoping for the best and wishing on the tale of a comet that.... we would see the traces of her words gracing our screens once again.
Today I saw-

Welcome back dear friend~xo

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