Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Ghost's Of Mazatlan~

The interesting thing about travel is that one comes home and still feels with all senses-the lingering ghost's in ones memory that plays out as if you've never left.

I can still hear the sounds of the instruments played by a mariachi band playing out on the beach just before sunset, albeit a little off key at times, but, festive nonetheless-just behind the rope that divides the resort from the open beach which goes for miles either direction.

There's simply so much in the folds of my recent memory that need be recorded before it slowly fades, especially the dramatic notions that moved me along with the simple aspects I found along the way. Like an old door in the city of Mazatlan on a tour one day. Such sights of simple doors like this one speaks to me with whispering times of long ago-quiet now with the warm afternoon breeze through a city with many interesting and, sometimes unpleasant scents.
With the many images brushed with the great many senses I carried with me through my week away from home, it is of such urge that I create a standing page with pictures and stories of my adventure. This will concur in the days that follow and will be found above with a simple click. With that I will have the greatest of pleasure and, urged thought to talk of the few interesting aspects of a country and city that changes beyond the gates of ones resort.Sharing with you a time of everlasting memories of amazement and ghost's that still call out to me in an effort to permanently record what lays between the folds.

To my writing friends with love.


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