Saturday, March 1, 2014

Pharaoh Cat's in Mazatlan

Its only been a few weeks since we came home from Mazatlan but, the lingering memories weave through my days and nights~

I acquired no such pictures of the pharaoh cats but I do have moving images in my mind of the night I watched one after another, eight in total gather out from the dark, under a dim street light across the street and forage through garbage spewing over the rim of a rusty-steel-barrel.

That side of the street up from our hotel was barren of color.Instead the small hill rising from the sidewalk was yellow and dry and had buffs of dry weeds.Our side however had a short row of businesses.At the time we were in an open air sports bar eating the largest prawns known to man, chatting with friends-when I first noticed movement one by one, leery like, slinking down from the dry hill, gathering around the old steel garbage can.

At first I thought nothing of the first cat's appearance, then another cat appeared, white as the first until I counted seven white cats, the eighth cat was striped.
"For-the-love-of-felines".....I was struck by the image as a great oddity. This was a most unusual scene to me, seeing this not in my own homeland, though I'm certain there's many wild cats, but to see so many and of one color, sadly on their own.

I couldn't bear to see them forage up remnants in the garbage and on the ground so, to stares of others I got up from my table with a folded napkin of prawns and crept slowly across the street. By the time I reached the narrow meridian in the middle of the street the cats retreated. A gust of warm wind hurtled down the street at me as my husband watched on with a smile, and I feeling a tad silly.
I should have known my outcome from the get-go! the silliness of my creeping up on so many pharaoh cat's as if they'd fall to the ground for a belly rub.
I gave up my good intentions after that and dropped from the folded napkin three large prawns near the can.
I watched minutes later when one cat after another cautiously reappeared.To my surprise little did they thank me with the great interest in prawns, instead sniffing around at a days worth of garbage laying in an early heat.

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