Monday, March 10, 2014

Mazatlan Still lives In My Heart.

There was a wedding on the beach.
The employees of the hotel moved about the heat of the whole afternoon flawlessly, even joking around with coworkers keeping the mood light.We watched from a lovely table situated at an open window over lunch-then again later from my lounge chair on the beach, peering up every now and again from my book
 to see tables and chairs coming closer.

 After dark we would watch from our balcony-four floors up and under a perfect moon with a tail- trailing across the waving ocean in a majestical  dance.

 The wedding was a combination of young and old- speaking Spanish and dancing over a dance floor which changed colours to each beat of the music, echoing up against the outer white walls of the magnificent Riu hotel.
 The evenings breeze from my patio was the most radiant feeling of bliss, until....I turned my back and jumped to the sound of the first

How silly and utterly amazed I was when I realized we were not being shot at by bandits! (coughs)...
These booms to my delight and utter relief were the dazzling night coming to an end in celebration of love, pure and simple, not of the unraveling of the folds I felt nibbling at the seams in hiding a countries truths-dangers for that matter, of things I would not learn of until the following week here safely back at home, confirming an inner sense that the sun glittering off the ocean through the palms down over perfect-golden-sand with the sound of a mariachi band and a margarita in hand was-only-to my way of thinking-
a distraction to what really, truly, lurked out from the shadows.

Pissed and scared out of my pants.....Mazatlan still lives in my heart, oddly enough~

Safe travels~


  1. Sounds like Nirvana- minus being startled by the fireworks! I've never been that far into Mexico. I took a cruise that went to Ensenada once, but that's about as adventurous I get!

  2. Hi,Justin.Ensenada was my first trip to Mexico! My first mini cruise and plane trip.
    Ensenada is adventurous on its own-lol.But what lays further into Mexico is long lasting.

    1. We haven't even ventured down to Cabo yet! Maybe some day...