Friday, October 3, 2014

Everyone Has A Story.....

Blogs are an interesting concept, don't you think? Endless words that can go on and on and paint pictures of all kinds of moods swaying like the long---strands of wheat bent with a brush of a cosmic wind.

I've been blogging a long time. A really long time, actually. And in some ways one can grow weary of all the time spent inside the head, contemplating, (gosh....) contemplating what will be said next. Or even, whether anything will be said at all.

 Is it not a boiling pot of robust flavors stewing over a high heat which that unleashes the aroma of only  two specific ingredients that makes you think of all the others? Then of course, one would expect only a prelude to what would come, wouldn't you think? Hark! Not, but, for what beholds of two ingredients, could very well then mask the true identity of all the rest.

What the hell am I talking about........


About the way we write, sometimes in riddles so as we avoid the truth, or to avoid the great-long-life-version.

I simply want to write,is all, though, find no avenue or simmering pot of inspiration to do so, outside of a few sampled tea spoons of flavor to my lips, which I'm not content with.

Oh, I have much to write of, indeed. Like the recent news of my husband's decline of a job offer and drastic move from our home, and, the long road of emotion through our family in the lengthy wait of decision where, I'm now spent and weary and lethargic of words, wondering if at all! saying anything really matters.
Because everyone's got a story.

Of the virtual wave of a hand I cast this unbecoming conversation aside. Moments have us in states of mind that thankfully fleet with a cosmic wind.
 And I shall be like my parent's who late in the evening indulge in a slice of toast with a thick layer of homemade jam,strawberry,and nestle in to watch the TV show, Who's Line Is It. 


  1. Hey Dee Good to see you again. I just hope you never decide to stop writing. But if you did I would understand. I finally finished a short story I have been working on but just can't make myself go any further with it. Oh well, at least I finally got it down on paper and now that little nagging voice inside of me has calmed down at least for a short time. Sure hope all is well with you and that beautiful family. "HUGS"

  2. Hi there, Cap, my long time friend~Its always so good to see you.I hope all is fine wth u and your family:)

    I'm so thrilled that you embarked on a short story (hurray!) keep going-you can't stop now. Its easier than you know, to publish it on your own.Kobo.
    Everyone needs to know who Captron is.And if anything, like how I've thought, leave a legacy to the one's that adore you (family and friends).

    I hope that wth my own blogging wth disdain at times wth my writing and questioning that I don't discourage anyone from going forth and traveling a great tour through words.I rebound.I always rebound and find myself back with the words.

    Keep going, Cap!

    Lots of hugs from all of us in BC~

  3. Thank you Dee. I always feel the warmth in your words and that takes a very special writer to do that. You are an inspiration my dear and I love you. I always know I can count on you for anything. Thank you my dear friend.