Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Little Hand That Met Mine.....

It had rained sheets of water bullets from a thick grey sky all day. And about dinnertime it ceased and went away. We all couldn't believe our luck. Magic was in the mix of the night.

The area from which we walked was a blaze of human goblins and fairies and super hero's. This was the place to be for all. Lovely homes nestled together in a community of it's own. Land laying on rich soil with hidden history and new picket fences. The old trees that remain tell a story, where one would need to come close to hear. The dim street lights shine through the old and draping branches casting eerie shadows across the ground. There's sudden spurts of sound that pop and crackle in the distance, throwing magic in the air.  My mind comes back quite suddenly, and feel her tiny hand there.

At the age of three....she couldn't possibly know how much she's loved from us all who walk with her at her side on this Hallows Eve. It's all she's ever known-her aunt, uncles, great uncle, grandmother and,  mother and father. We follow her with every step clutching our hearts. And every now and again you'll hear a ring of laughter out from something she might of said.

"Hi, duck!" she said, with her little chimp monk voice while we walked past a parent who was dressed as a penguin.

Her tall daddy all dressed up as goblin, pushed the rented wheel chair her momma sat in clutching the small round of her belly. She had only been released from the hospital hours ago with a second emergency, out from the first a week ago. The burst of the cyst was evil and scary, but prevail......the tiny baby in her belly.

She was a little insect faerie with stripped socks, feelers like antennas, and a pink fluffy dress. At first she thought she was a monster, what with the black and white striped antennas, but later changed her mind.

Like always she is in a wide mix of a great many entertaining adults. She bounces around like its any other day, or night on any given occasion from which we gather. She is the first, after all, of a chain of events that will occur in stages of life as they unfold within our growing family-much like my own first, with her momma, in a small group of adoring adults.

We gathered here at home in tradition to set off fire works with which great uncle Dave supplies every year. My brother.
This year we had more of us in the gathering. The ever so apparent growth of the family is happily evident. I quietly took note from the other side of the living room with the excitement in all that gathered, Lil with her boyfriend and Tee and her husband with, my nephew and new girlfriend-all of which are young adults full of laughter and conversation. I couldn't have been more happier of this setting scene. Nor happier with the ending of a week that took us all through a strong head wind, and out through the tail~

May you find ease and calm through any storm that finds you. I know. I know. For there is always, always, relief upon it's blustering end.
Today the sky is blue. Truly. Casting sun beams across my floor~

To Avarie, should you find me (here) through your life, grandma loves you.



  1. Sometimes the lights all shining on me, other times I can barely see; lately it occurs to me, what a long strange trip its been... The Grateful Dead lyrics says it all. Hugs to you and that beautiful family of yours Dee! May the light keep on shining on all of you!

  2. Oh, how your comment almost made me cry...Perfect lyrics.Yes.Perfect lyrics.
    Thank you always my friend, for you're dear comments.
    Many warm hugs to you and your beautiful family~

    PS.It is the children-the wee one's that keep us in check.

  3. I thought the comment I had typed right after this post was was published made it to your blog post. Now I see it hadn't. I love how you expressed the night. It took me back to my own childhood when Holloween had been magical... I am happy your family appears well. =) Happy week!