Saturday, May 23, 2015

A Woman Called Dorrie~

I almost cried when I saw you there in my comments section today, Dorrie. What a  journey you've been on. I can't fathom what you and your family have been through since the plane crash-years ago. The silence of  your words in your blog have been painful, and dearly missed by all of us, though never have I gave up hope of your recovery and return.

In your time of recovery I often wondered if your family read to you, that of our blogs, keeping you connected. They wrote of your slow recovery diligently for awhile. I followed those words with a deep heart from which the writer of your blog displayed with words that spilled of love.

Much time has passed now, and I had wondered of you-remembering the many years back when you would come to my blog/journal to say hello. You were such a great supporter of anything we endeavored to share of our life. You're friendship was special, and so appreciated.

Do you remember starting the secret Santa thing? everyone was so excited to get Christmas mail and small packages from one another. I remember the writing contests that you were involved with-I entered a poem-I was so nervous-it was my first contest. I didn't win, but I learned a great deal about myself and writing. I learned that I wrote with my heart far better outside of a contest. Simply.

Do you remember how integral you were when our writing site crashed? Within a day you opened an account somewhere out in the blog-a-sphere and, like a mother hen, you reached out and pulled us in.
And while we were all reunited, it was only time before everyone found homes for their words. Only but a small cluster remained together, myself included, and you.
I'm not certain what happened to everyone. But I think of them often, as I do with you.

Are you back to writing? I checked-I didn't see anything current, outside of the writing from your family of which I presume was from the past. I hold tight that you either left me a recent comment on your own, or you were assisted-either way I was over joyed!

Where to begin? So much time has passed. I await the arrival of my second grand child. I am like you now, speaking of our beloved second generation. I understand the joy with which came from your words back then. I imagine now in present time I too will write of my own joy with having wee one's again. I'll miss however those endless posts of my young daughters. Do you remember them? oh, Lily had me in such material! I should tell you---she still does, only pre-menepause keeps me from remembering some of it at times. Lily graduates this year. I'm uncertain what, or who revved up the clock of time. I remind the youth today to make haste, and not to waste time.
Her sister married along a majestic river in Hope BC. An eagle soared above while they exchanged vows. She will have her second baby any day now.

If my memory serves me right, your last post was the passing of your beloved cat. In fact I think I still see your post when I peek in on you. I remember it to be a terribly tough time-letting go is never easy-this I know. I've been there in recent months where we had to put down our dearly-loved-family dog. It is as stands however, time changes much in the ways of dealing with things. I'm better today knowing all was for the best.

I have so many questions for you. So much time to catch up on. Where do we start?
Should you be reading this in the near future, my friend, I want you to know its not just a new beginning in finding us like so, but most certainly a place in time where we can start from where we left off-in Westy's journal.........

 A woman called Dorrie.


  1. Hello Dee Isn't it just great when you hear from an old friend? Sure hope Dorrie is doing great. Enjoy each moment and know that you are loved deeply by many!

  2. my internet is soooo slow, which makes commenting difficult, as well as blogging. Thank you sooooooooo much for caring! My last entry was about the crash itself.... I intended to post again, but as I already wrote, the internet is too slow and thus no fun! If you're interested, you always go to my homepage:

  3. What do you mean if I'm interested??? Of course I AM! Thanks for the heads up on your homepage addy.

    So good to hear from you! I'm just sorry your internet is so slow. I have an old computer here that will often slow down-like we're on dial-up.Its most annoying at times.I feel for you.

    I'm so pleased that you're online, Dorrie, even small increments.I hope you are well, along with your family.And I look forward to reading all that you may share with us in the future.

    Love and hugs to you and your family~xo

  4. Hi, to you, Cap! Always so nice to have your visit here. I feel very lucky to have you both all these years.xo

  5. thanks foe your comments, here and on my site. Pity you live so way off my visiting ranges..... :-(