Monday, July 4, 2016

Hello My Old Friend~

About a year ago I was told by a long-time-writing-friend that my blog had been spammed. I went about the situation with a sickly heart, and eventually gave up this blog all together with a heaviness for home.

But I never deleted it.

I found a new home. 

It was different there, but I had a plan, and it would change my writing from the past in a way that felt really good for me.
 And so it began, with more pictures and adventures and thoughts-a side of me with which was a little less guarded, and a little more open to welcoming others to read and follow my blog more so than the hidden past of Silentwhisper.

She was silent, but never gone.

Cndmade was her new name. And I reveled in going forward with a slightly different spirit, learning things along the way about my writing-and feeling free to push the publish button without regret.

I also learned to sift through my emotions in a way that I could portray them differently, unlike my journal style from Silentwhisper, however, I did also learn that trickles of you never really cease in words with different homes-you will always find bits of me somewhere-as I find bits of you.

 Change is constant in the world we fold ourselves into and within the internet-that's why I'm here today, to tell you with deep regret that I have forever lost Cndmade-a deleted account from which has left me perplexed, and, determined to prevail.

I have come home to Silentwhisper.

She welcomed me in the post area with a linage of memories, good and bad (I almost looked away), but stayed the course. With a slow scroll I began to open various posts and read. I could feel the rush of so many lifetimes ago... and so many stages of life with which I've moved on.

Oddly I felt like a stranger, just a bit,...or a ghost.
With each post I read, I wrote a mental post of the present, deleting small parts of the past, however, not is all gone throughout the years, I've left the window open for you, I'm not so scared anymore- I'm human.

Wishing you all the very best in what you do.



  1. My Dear Dee. So great to see you once again. I have always enjoyed your writing whether here or somewhere else. I have seen you grow, seen you struggle, seen you happy, and have always seen your beautiful Light. Welcome home! HUGS

  2. Aw..thank you! You've been such a good friend, and writer. I always hope for the best for you, and your family.Its time I catch up on reading your blog.I apologize I' haven't been there to read you're beautiful words. HUGS!

  3. I am so happy to read you here again. I don't write as much as before but I'm still around.

  4. Oh, Westy,(Dorrie),so good to hear from you! I hope you're well my friend, its been so long, and you've been so missed. Glad your around. many hugs to you and love xoxo