Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Northern Lights~

Did I tell you I saw the northern lights in Alberta? I stepped away from the wedding crowd gathered around the fire on the beach-to see a lit path to the dock where I walked to the end and gazed out into all directions. The lake air was all quiet except for the muffled voices from the beach and the occasional hoot of laughter, mixed with pre-wedding jitters. Facing the night sky, I could see strands of light in faded colours of green and white, and sometimes subtle pink. The semi-dark sky moved with elegance-wisps and sometimes long strands similar to a sheer curtain moved like a soft-summer-breeze with a stage light placed behind it. Amazing shapes took form. Unearthly I would say, but no other place but earth could put on such a unique kind of display.
I could hardly believe what I was witnessing, though, I've seen the northern lights before, but so long ago.
With life and its battles, the lights were heavenly, so to speak-so much so that I felt my heart reach up and caress my face, as if this beautiful moment was meant to be, hm...
just for me.


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