Friday, October 21, 2016

The Valley~

The rains have come.

 The clouds stretch across the valley like a blanket-weeks on end, holding us in under the heaviness of it's weight. Oddly enough, the people of the valley move about normally, least how it seems, taking strides to overcome the dreariness that befalls their windshields with a simple flick of a wiper.

I forget what the mountains look like, the clouds hover and loom so low. It is when the clouds eventually lift that one sees the mighty landscape for real, leaving it not to imagination, nor, a string of dreams anymore.
Has it been so long since I've seen the mountains that winter befell it before my eyes? to the highest peaks- there's to be snow so radiant---that a rare sun blushes all over it in the most loveliest pinks, while the floor of the valley calls upon us with a mild fall and winter of rain-to the lower mountain level with clouds that cling~


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