Saturday, January 29, 2011


Its pretty amazing how I've been bitten by the bug to write again.It feels good.
I've been out of the groove for so long while others have picked up and carried on after the crash of Journalspace-I envied that-wanted that so badly for myself, and now here I am, albeit a small audience this time round, but one's that I am glad to have found me on this journey of recapturing my old blog name back. I am once again and always will be Silentwhisper from the block.Coughs and chuckles....
Glad to be here.

Miss L (my daughter) can't find the mouse for the living room computer.
She's short from crazed while I hog this one mouse that rightfully is my own.
I suppose I'll cave in soon though, and unplug my mouth -mouth? I mean mouse- and hand it over.However, her head isn't spinning yet and, well, I think she's forgotten all about the old fashioned way of communicating to her friends - the t-e-l-e-p-h-o-n-e.Humph.

I'm uncertain what to do on this day off of work.I'm usually working.
Relaxing today comes to mind, which I'm doing, though, hm, my inner voice keeps pestering me to not waste the day and get on with it.I only wish it wasn't raining.Not that the rain ever kept me from things, but, its that kind of rain here that one becomes wet in seconds and damp.I hate feeling damp.

The thought of heading over to the Home Show is an option.However, that might ensue in me another home project, of which I'm not so certain I want to embark on right now.Things seen cozy enough here already, minus the demo of my palace-my bedroom.Quiet reading isn't the same in there, not yet that is.

I have a great yearning to visit Vancouver again ( my home city )originally that is, and visit all the places I used to go through my childhood and through my twenties.
I miss Granville Island and almost forgot all about the place until Bif mentioned it.I spent a great deal of time there shopping and site seeing way back when.In fact? when mom&dad still lived out there and I lived in Surrey I would take my first born with mom and I to Granville Island quite a bit.

Yale Town is another place I frequented.I worked in Yale Town at J.Collins Furniture Gallery some many years ago before Yale Town became the trendy place it is now-so I hear.
I remember bouncing between both J.Collin's stores;the Burnaby one and the new Yale Town one.There was this dark-whole-in-the-wall- greasy spoon up the street where you could get good Chinese food really cheap.I'd go there least of all once a week.
Soon after that a neat coffee house arrived where you could get whipping cream on your coffee.Sometimes I would get hot chocolate with fresh raspberries and whipping cream.Yum.
I suppose in the long run I'm pretty honoured I got to experience Yale Town at its beginning.I wonder what it looks like now.

About Vancouver back in the late eighties there was one night club you wanted to be at - the Metro.The night club was huge! I mean huge! All kinds of local talent dawned the stage there, such as Headpins, Prism, and many more.
I met my husband there. It was the year of the Vancouver Expo of which? I worked at from day one to day close - I was nineteen. Yes.The math of that sucks.Although? this small vessel that moves my soul about is only that, a small vessel, my mind is more times than not, ahem, youthful.

That said? Miss L. is getting anxious to use my computer.I guess her and her father will stop taking the mouse from the living room computer to use on the laptop, which isn't here, soon enough.Tsk.Tsk.
I should start my day. Late I am. Lazy I am.

Happy day to you:)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

And So We Walk Again.The JS Crew.

All of the magic of which you need that possesses a desire to sit and physically write comes entwined with great passion, and happiness.Of that?...I embrace tonight.

It seemed not so long ago I received a Christmas card all the way from Kansas city from my dear friend Roslyn.Ironically her Christmas card to me was very similar to the Christmas card I sent her.Both cards were beautiful in their own right, though exempt of any colour.Both, ironically? are of almost the same image in black and white, or might I say gray tones.Both the images although different slightly, have the same view down a quiet forested road.It is the glitter that attracted me to my chosen card this year, outside of the calm and quiet feel the card gave me.
Ros's card also ensues the same glitter and calmness, and view.
If I were a guessing girl? I'd say that both Ros and I were on the same mind frame this year.Or? Hm..Ros ran out after and chose a card so very similar to mine to pay me with a deep warm smile.Either way the cards have brought to me sweet joy.

And so while I have slowly packed up all the Christmas decorations and since put away all the Christmas cards received,I have held out on one last Christmas card, Ros's.
Here near me and the computer it faces me.Inside a note in her hand writing;
I am waiting around to take a walk with you in this beautiful snow.
I won't tell a lie that I didn't at least once run my hand over her handwriting- as if to feel the real person behind the blog and journal writing, of that a spam of nearly six years or more.

So---If you read this Roslyn, thank you for your thoughts and this lovely Christmas card.Joy it brought me.

And so..I haven't taken my Christmas lights down inside nor outside yet.Twinkling colored lights bring me much happiness,and that I feel I rather prolong the mood.
Besides, we haven't really had a good winter with snow here yet.And I have every hope to see snow in BC to encompass the coloured lights outside of my home.
That said? today was the day the snow finally came.I was at work when it began, and I could hardly keep my self calm while I had the occasional out burst of excitement when the rain let up to bring a brief showing of snow.Although brief the spells were.
By evening the rain clouds blackened the night.I was bummed to hear miles up the freeway others were experiencing a winter wonderland.I gathered the valley here which is usually colder that Vancouver,was experiencing a warm pocket, a degree up from the other 7pm tonight brought to us what others were experiencing, snow, glorious snow.

My hope now is? that the snow will come and stick enough to muffle the little city noises.Nothing is more pleasurable than walking in the evening through the snow and only hearing the crunch that your feet make on the snow.And? the way snow illuminate the darkness of the night.

I just took a peek outside and to my utter amazement everything outside is beautifully covered in snow.Soon the time for that walk will be upon us.

Just like all the other 'written walks of the past' Oh, many years ago on a little site called Journalspace.

The coffee is perked.The bottle of Bailey's tilted ever so slightly into the mug brings a sweetness that excludes any one person's usual amount of heaping sugar.
That said a role call for winter attire is in check.Boots-scarf-mitts-dog-and friends.Yes.Best of all 'friends.'

I once wrote of a walk many years ago where with a wave of my hand upon the keyboard we all went on a virtual walk.One by one I picked up one fellow writer after another from one virtual minded house to another, up and down streets and half across some unknown town.This is no different, just long awaited.

It is wintry white out with only the moon to light my path along this deserted road.The forest on either side doesn't bring shadows creeping along the edge and through the trees but,tiny dancers sprinkling fairy dust all over the snow.
Following the old wooden fence to my right that hugs the road I see from the corner of my eye a small gray rabbit.I call out "Angel," to my golden retriever who has spotted the rabbit and is nearing it."Come," is all I say, and she heeds my tone and returns to my side.

A quick yelp came a second later, which came from myself in surprise to a snow owl that swept across the road in front of me and up through the snowy fir trees.
Gaining my balance and the half cup of coffee I now had left, I continued along with Angel.Might I add she was yards ahead me at this point and sashaying her tail from side to side in a bounty of happiness and freedom.

The snow on the road was a little higher than my ankle,though deeper so through the trees.Everything sparkled across the land.What light drew from the moon brought up from the snow a reflection of a hundred million sparkling lights blinking up at me;I couldn't not smile with great pleasure.
My full cup of coffee became half a cup then became empty.With a light grip through the handle I swung it back and forth with a nice feeling of calm and tranquility.

I came upon a large metal gate.Two paths branched off from either side of the road, I could take one or the other, but, because I'm partial to anything that affects the heart I took what was nearest to my heart, the left path.

Angel, my nine year old Goldie,scampered up behind me in a pace of excited adventure.
She scooted ahead and ran up into a snowy bank along the road and threw herself in the snowy bank,slithering on her side,pumping her legs with friskiness,and making herself look encreditably silly,evoking within me a burst of laughter.

"Come on you silly head!" I said to Angel.Soon she came to her senses and regained a steady pace along side of me.You'd had thought she had a shot of bailey's herself.Silly dog.

We came through thick trees along the path, then, virtually, we came out to a meadow.
I imagined it at spring, more over in the summer,what with its knee high wild grasses and the abundant sea of white from wild daises bending in the summers heat."Ah.." What was here now? was neither of those images,though presteen nonetheless.
No wild unicorns came to greet us.Nor did we have short little lepercons come out from under the bridge that we walked over, but, (smiles) at the edge of the meadow came another gate- behind it a parking lot-and-standing there various shapes of silhouettes of people.

The dog trotted ahead in full greeting.As I came closer the snow, muffled, voices came clearer.Through the cold night air I could smell fresh coffee,camping coffee,and familiar voices.I could see Angel doing circles around one ladies legs in excitement,the lady bending down in efforts to pat the dog through her chuckles.
This was Ros,I could see her clearer now,recognizing that scarf I knit her many years ago.
Not far from Ros and my crazy dog was two women leaning against the tail gate of a pick up truck, steam coming from their mouths from easy conversation and,steam coming up from their mugs.
Nearing the gate the two silhouettes by the truck defined who the two women were;
Kate and Westy.

Angel whooped up her barking, circling Ros like a mad hadder.Angel generally doesn't bark, though only in greeting,this being a loud and boisterous greeting, making various other silhouettes in the parking lot take notice.
There,walking over to Kate and Westy was Bobby and Scribbler, Summerwind,though she looked chilled,and,Ronney.

Joy bubbled up in me when I came nearer to the lightly lit parking lot.The thought aroused me in a quiet giggle of an image of myself running in circles, likewise to the dog, in excitement.
My walk was fast and steady and before you know it I was upon Ros first, hugging her fiercely, the dog getting all excited all over again.Hooking our arms through one another, Ros and I sauntered through the snow over to the crowd near the pick up truck.
Gales of greetings permeated the night air setting the quiet, muffled, night air alive.Laughter ensued and fresh coffee was poured to everyone's divine pleasure.
Nothing could beat this very moment of bliss-nothing at all.Warm hearts and really great people would make for a perfect night.Now all was left was the walk we all would do together.

The sound of the gate creaking open in its frozen state signified our entrance back to the meadow.One by one everyone walked through the gate,single file.
The snow muffled our voices some but who was closest I could hear clearly.
We all walked through the snow with the greatest pleasure of being all but one with one another, linking mind, body and soul.We are a unique group of people, though sharing the same passion, we find in our walk that we all hold different aspects on life, sharing them being the greatest of gifts.

Angel runs ahead in break neck speeds.She sees something bordering the meadow in the trees.I call out to her but she's so far ahead and nearly out of sight.No worries though, I thought, she most likely saw a ground squirrel.The squirrel will win and out run her.

Ros see's it first and lets out a "wow..." in a long breath. The rest of us unlock our conversations and also look up.Right there before our eyes at the edge of the meadow a horse stands, a white horse at that, which was nearly lost in the white of the snow.
"How did that?"
"Where did that?" Horse come from,I thought.There were no ranches or farms passed when I came through here.In fact? there simply were no horses!

The group of us were quiet.Evidently trying to take in the view of this horse.
Course, upon closer inspection,though giving the horse some distance, this was no ordinary horse.Well, not with that horn on its head it wasn't.
Ros was the first to break the silence by saying, "I either need new glasses or I'll be damned if I don't see a unicorn! Better yet? maybe I had too much Bailey's plopped in my coffee!"
A couple of chuckles came from the group, as we contemplated getting closer.None of us moved however, because suddenly the unicorn, if you want to call it, reared up and vanished.

"Whoa!" Westy said.And we all shook our heads and tried to clear our minds as we continued to walk and talk of what we just seen.No one really believed, or admitted fully that,the horse had a horn at all.

Angel came romping up out of nowhere. I thought it strange that she hadn't come up upon the horse and barked her crazy ass off, but she hadn't.Neverthless my mind was back with the group and we all were a clambering in on a new topic.

Coming up to the little bridge I was once over earlier with Angel,a quick glint of something glittery caught my eye and was gone.
Hm..strange I thought and moved on up and over the bridge.No one else mentioned it so I must have imagined it, so at least I thought.But, not letting it go I looked back over my shoulder at the little bridge, everyone else walking ahead.A light I saw, like the tiniest sparkler on a stick, the kind you can get at Halloween where you can wave it around in the air making streaks of light go in different shapes.Yes, that's what it was,er, I think.

It was Ros that broke me out of my trance.Hooking her arm through mine all motherly like she said,"what's wrong, my dear?" Before I could answer I heard Kate's voice pierce the night air."Oh, my God, did you see that?"
Everyone did and they came running back down the path.

By now there was quite a little show happening underneath the bridge.The tiniest sparklers in the hundreds skittered over the frozen pond.
At the edge of the pond Angel leaned down sniffing to beat Betsy.
A hush fell over all of us as we stared down trying to make out exactly what we were seeing, hardly able to believe our eyes.

"Are those wings?" Ronnie who broke the silence said.

Kate chimed in and asked if those were ice skates on their feet?

Ros,chuckled suddenly, waving her hand in front of her trying to measure her distance from what she believed now was way--far too much Bailey's put in her coffee.

"You got to be kidding!" Bobby said."Are those umbrella's their holding over their heads?"

Quite frankly I didn't know what to think,I just stared with the rest of them.

Suddenly Angel let out an abrupt bark and all that danced on the frozen pond vanished,seemingly into thin air.
The whole group started talking all at once,walking in circles and bumping in to one another, trying to rationalize things.

"Those were frogs,right?" Scribbler said.

"Um, no, I don't think so, Westy remarked.They looked like fairies."

Everyone laughed at that.The only rational was none.Other than it being a magical night of sorts.
The creaky gate came to mind.When I turned back after coming through it earlier I could have I sworn a shimmy of light came off of it.Although I was too excited to pay it any nevermind.
I did hear however, from an old timer who lived far back on the hill that a particular gate near a meadow had a unique gift of power.He's such a story teller that I brushed it off.Course, now in hindsight? it wasn't the magic leaving through the gate one experienced, but of the magic one would experience upon entering.Could this be what he meant? Hm.I pondered this while we all single filed out the gate to the parking lot.

(((Nay.))) We heard in the distance.Then a muffled ((snort.))
Ros abruptly threw out her thermos of coffee,and the rest of us laughed and hugged one another good bye.

There's lots to write,Scrib said in parting.

"Indeed," I said.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Thanks Westy...

For finding me.

It was time to go back to the old name.Lonely it was in that other blog.

I like this blog actually. I've done a fine job thus far, if I may go as far as saying.
It not only feels new, but a little lived in already.Naturally of course,I've been here working on it for a spell now,so, hm, lived in it is, a bit.

I love this new editor, its so easy.I've been quite engrossed in watching the changes, whether its back and forth changes or,full steam ahead saving, I love it.

That said? Hm...still its a work in progress.Although? a happy change and progress into the new year.

Peace and out for now.