Saturday, January 20, 2018

The Last Word~

If I were to delete it all---I would be content to consider this my very first post.


A movie and two blankets-
blue and grey
freckles like
the therapy bunny at her knees
invade my dreams
She insists her plight to be doom
though hath it not be 
yet said
chronic are the shackles
clanking with dred
she says, with no relief
interstitial cystitis!
that it'll be
though I believe not
what she believes now-
until then
when all's been read
and all's been said
In a manner of a movie
two blankets
blue and grey
Shirley Maclaine
with something to say
"I bid you not
 a good day
but a day 
that is meant
to mean 
The Last Word.

Happy 21st Birthday L.

Its midnight
Love mom.