Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oh, I must read on. Lady Of Hay~

Its the little details that reminds me that all has not gone in-vain~ Good morning sweet world, and all little details. I am softly at your side~ This morning is kept new, fresh, and with rain upon spring, spent quietly alone with my thoughts, abundant and gently rocking with the image of a weather-worn-boat. There are little details of the morning over lapping small details from days prior that, hm, remind me, oh, no matter of the other notions in my head this day and days ahead will be lead with gentleness, and, little, inspirational, details. And so the morning lays forward. Knots of thought push to the surface, spreading tendrils here-there-and-every-where. Here we go~ I am immersed in this book, Lady Of Hay, written by, Barbara Erskine. I know not of this author though, England I believe she may reside. I have read at least one book before this of her's and believe with no shadow of a doubt, that, this woman is particularly amazing at her skill, or might I say? craft? she certainly has a gift. Yes. Indeed a gift. Jo is her name and she is a hard hitting journalist living in present time. Jo's assignment is to debunk reincarnation through visit's with various hypnotist's, however, Jo is particularly sensitive herself to being hypnotized and inadvertently has herself as the test subject, where, under a state of hypnotism she lives a life of Matilda from Wales;1175. It is not only the character, Jo, (who I must remind myself is a character of a book) but myself who is ever so immersed in the young woman, Matilda, and what next will happen in her young life in Wales, castles and horsemen, Kings and Heir's, land feuds and great dangers and, a loveless marriage and true love. "Sighs." It is no mistake the love of history is, oh, but a large fraction of my lure to this book, however, it is so much more, too. I'm finding difficulty in concentrating on the real world from my own world, out from the strands of the imagination of the author and all that she possessed in knowledge set forth in writing this book of Lady Of Hay. I am immersed to say the least, as is Jo, who is now able to go back in time as Matilda on her own without the hypnotist, upsetting what I believe is anything but natural, bringing forth echoes of ancient time in an energy unknown and dangerous within her present time. "Oh...." I must read on.... I must remind myself of my own present time in doing so, too. Lost I get- Lost I am- Lost I fear- Till the book is done- I'll know what- And where- I'm from.- Dee~ 2012

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Beverly Mclver~ People That Inspire Me.

Who are you inspired by?

I'm inspired by many, though at times, yes, preciously, I am inspired from 'whom' the moment brings me.
Tonight I am inspired by a woman named Beverly Mclver, a wonderful artist from which paints in oils.
I might have not heard of Beverly otherwise from tonight if I hadn't had such a passion for a particular channel on TV, -BC's Public Educational Broadcaster.

When in spare time, evening time, in the back of my mind while channel surfing, it is this channel that I think of.The Knowledge network is commercial-free, which I love, and funded by an annual operating grant from the provincial government and through donations of public supporters.
Outside of this channel being Canadian, which, "chortles," I adore anything Canadian, it is a fact coming of late, that, I support no other channel than I do this one, out from some of the amazing stories and documentaries.

Tonights documentary was named "Raising Renee," The story of acclaimed artist Beverly McIver and her promise to take care of her mentally disabled sister Renee.

Outside of Beverly's story of raising Renee we also saw Beverly just as she is, no frills or fancy airs, but a wonderful sense of humour and a love for painting.
As the documentary hit mid section I knew that if I ever had a chance to sit around with a coffee and shoot the breeze- it would be with this person. I also knew, led by the inspiration, the slight yearn to take to a brush, paint, and canvas, something my father had done years ago and I dabbled. One day perhaps I'll buy all that I need in paint supplies and paint, till then however, you'll not find me painting any walls or ceilings in my house- I loath the work up to the actual job on hand. That said? this is a self portrait of Beverly.
Finding peace.