Friday, June 13, 2014

CBC Radio Show Junky.I Think I Became My Parent's.....

So when did I become my parent's?

It's almost 10pm on a Friday night and I'm listening to the CBC Vinyl Cafe (radio show) online with the song (paper moon) playing in the back ground while I perk myself a half pot of fresh coffee.
 Soon the Vinyl Cafe's story exchange will begin, where ordinary Canadian folk write short stories with hopes to be read online.Many of the stories I've heard on the radio or podcast remind me of Alice Munro's writing, what of the inspiration of such landscapes far east from here, Saskatchewan to over yonder through fields and intersections of colourful town folk onto Ontario and far beyond....

Yes, when did I become my parent's where I find myself sitting here pursing my lips to a steamy late night cup of coffee listening to a radio show, and contemplating a midnight snack of toast with homemade jam."What the hell?"when did I forget all about the days of Bon Jovi and Journey for the stories of Dave and Morley?

Well.....probably on that day a few weeks ago driving through Surrey BC with my husband where, he adjusted the car radio dial to CBC and the Vinyl Cafe with the amazing story teller, Stuart Mclean.Stuart reminded me of author Luis Alberto Urrea, who, I recently listened to also on CBC-two men who could captivate an audience for hours just telling stories.

At any event, I could use some toast and a thick layer of homemade jam and another story of Dave and Morley, I'll just wear my Journey tshirt while doing it.