I'm a Canadian blogger from beautiful British Columbia. I've been writing since 2003.
I've known some amazing writers throughout this time-some are still here and some have drifted away to other things. I adore them all. Some of the best friends are found to be the one's you write to.

I love nature. And some of the smallest of things touch me in such a way its hard to describe. I see things where others may pass them up.
 I write blog posts in my head when I'm awake and when I'm in bed. And almost always in the shower. Unfortunately, little of those posts find the pages of my blog.
I've been anonymously writing under this name for years. No particular reason. I've grown to like it.

I am a wife, mother, and a grand-mother. I still consider myself young, and sometimes can't believe I'm anything but myself. Whoever "she," might be. I'm always searching.

I hope you find this blog of quiet moments with a coffee or tea.

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